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How much does it cost

The first thing to say is that Andrew Gibson Design does not charge premium rates.

We hope to offer the optimum balance of cost versus quality for those who are aware of the pitfalls of a cheap job carried out by the lowest bidder. We are unlikely to be the cheapest because there will always be someone willing to cut a few corners to win the job, but neither are we out of reach for anyone prepared to pay a little extra for a job well done.

We don't have big overheads. The key to achieving the results you see in the photographs is quite simply the project management skill of Managing Director, Andrew Gibson, a qualified Architectural Technician.

Andrew Gibson as project manager is essentially the "little extra" you are paying for.... vast experience, a very sound and practical knowledge, an eye for detail & design, all brought to your project on a daily basis ensures the results you see above without costing a fortune.

If you already have drawings and a specification, even if only in outline, it will cost you nothing to speak to Andrew Gibson to obtain a quotation. If you don't already have anything on paper, we can provide a quotation to draw up some basic plans and a specification to allow us to properly quote for the work.

It is fair to say there are a few expensive items shown which are beyond most of us in terms of cost but this is to illustrate the confidence placed in us by architects and designers. For all mainstream projects, we hope you would find our prices to be competitive.

Please remember that we don't bite. You will find no airs and graces here. We are just a small team of friendly and appropriately skilled people who can make a good job of your building or joinery project.